We would like to introduce INCHEM as a leading distributor for chemical specialties.
Founded in 1994 we have more than 20 years international experience and long established contacts worldwide.
INCHEM is certified according DIN ISO 9001 and REACh compliant.
Our actual product range focus on application areas for water treatment, additives, agro and are increasingly based on biobased chemistry from natural resources.
For many producing companies from Japan, Korea, India, China is INCHEM their preferred distribution partner, we also have close cooperation with a number of Europ. manufacturers for some special products.
Through our logistic facilities with bulk storage and warehousing are we able to handle dangerous goods and can provide customized repacking, as well as just-in-time deliveries to destinations mainly in Europe, but also overseas.
In case you require other products not listed in our delivery program please do not hesitate to contact us for deeper investigation, which also applies for development of new projects.
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